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Seychelles IBC


Legal Framework

The Seychelles IBC is governed by the International Business Companies Act 1994.

Special Characteristics

A Seychelles IBC is exempt from any form of taxation and withholding taxes is Seychelles. It is not considered though as a tax resident of Seychelles for the purposes of double tax treaties concluded by Seychelles.

However, a Seychelles IBC is prohibited from:

  • Trading within Seychelles;
  • Owning real estate in Seychelles;
  • Undertaking the business of banking, insurance, reinsurance, fund management, asset management (other than the company's own assets) or any other activity that would suggest an associations with the banking and insurance industries;
  • Selling its shares to the public.
  • Liability of Shareholders

    The liability of the shareholders of a Seychelles IBC is limited up to the unpaid amount of the shares they hold.

    Minimum Number of Shareholders

    The minimum number of shareholders of a Seychelles IBC is 1 and the maximum is unlimited.

    Restriction on Nationality/Residency of Shareholders

    There is no restriction on the residence of the shareholders of a Seychelles IBC.

    Corporate Shareholders

    The shareholders of a Seychelles IBC can be individuals and/or legal persons.

    Nominee Shareholders

    The use of nominee shareholders is allowed

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